About Us
Access Driving School  is Family Owned and Operated
We are pleased to announce that Matt,

a former DriveTest Examiner has partnered up with Access Driving School.  With over 9 years of examiner experience and over 25 thousand road tests. 

Matt has a unique perspective in preparing students during lessons and for the driving test. With Matt joining the team we are now able to expand our services to include pre trip refreshers for all classified licenses and will soon be offering Air Break Z endorsement courses!
A message from Jim:

I was 22 years old and studying at Concordia University in Montreal when I was involved in a collision. My friend who was driving, mistook the accelerator for the brake pedal and slammed our car into a utility pole.

The impact was severe enough that I spent my next two years in and out of a hospital.

First, I had been in a coma for 2 days due to a head injury.
Second, I had 4 separate operations on my left leg.
Third, my recovery was a slow process as I kept developing infections.

The Insurance Board of Quebec had programs for accident victims and put me into their driving instructor program. After 3 days I knew that this was what I wanted to do.    

I now have been a driving instructor with over 30 years of experience in Montreal, Quebec and
Kingston, Ontario. And I still sit in the same seat as I had been during my accident.

While instructing, there have been only a few times that I have forgotten about the collision, but my memory of it helps me 
remain dedicated to my profession. 

So, what can I do for the people of Kingston? 

I bring with me a wealth of information, skilful techniques and

driving experiences from a city that boasted a high volume of traffic where passing a road test was quite a challenge; other drivers show no courtesy towards the beginner driver during
a road test.

Ask your friends and hundreds of other satisfied students what my
reputation and services can do for you.    
Our program is constantly upgraded to reflect

the ever changing driving environment in and around Kingston.